Today we are focusing on inventory updates. We have to add our products to the site and update category listings and descriptions. This is a process and each product needs to be fully vetted before we can add it so bare with us. We have also been reading some of your emails and adding products that you are suggesting. The new bluetooth waterproof wireless headphones is one of those products, we hope you love it! Anyway, this was just a quick update. Back to it!

As always, Stay Classy Folks!

The past two days we have been really thinking about who we want to be as a company. We decided to put it all together in an updated “about us” section and a mission statement page. We really want to drive home the point that you are doing something real when you shop here. This week we are testing adding Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as payment methods. We really believe in the idea of decentralized currency and want that to be part of Denpc as well.

Another big thing this week is restocking and updating product listings. Contacting suppliers and seeing what they have is a necessary step to making sure the products remain up to quality. However, this is the most time consuming part of the process. We know that a huge concern has been shipping times and we are still working on cutting these down. Our soft launch showed us that we can’t do everything all at once and we will need to scale up over time. It has been amazing getting in touch with some of you so far and we hope to hear from you more!

As always, Stay Classy Folks!

Our biggest goal has always been to give our customers wholesale prices and convenience. Starting today we have implemented a new policy to stay ahead of retail giants. Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world but here at Denpc we never shy away from a challenge. Currently any product you see on our site will beat the lowest Amazon equivalent you can find. If you find a product cheaper on Amazon we will fix it immediately and take 10% off the reduced price for you.

Shipping is going to be our next goal. Currently we can ship within 12 days for free! This was a huge milestone for us and we hope to improve this service. The next step for us is to bring the distribution network in house and reduce our shipping time! Please stay tuned for updates.

Once again we want to thank each and every one of you! Without your support, Denpc would no exist.

Stay Classy,